Who is the Chocobo Knight?

Survoix Rusmonte II

The titular Chocobo Knight, Survoix is a tall, strapping Ishgardian Elezen hailing from the rural provincial town of Tailfeather - readily apparent by his iconic rancher accent and bearing.While a country boy at heart, Survoix was raised inundated with the stories of Knighthood his grandfather and namesake - a former Knight of the Holy See - readily shared by the hearth.Trained in the sword by his grandfather, and the bow by his mother, Survoix has emerged into adulthood as a skilled Elezen with a fierce moral code and a passion for adventure.


Born the runt of his clutch, Faiblesse was the first Chocobo Survoix raised as a young man. While his grandfather insisted that the small Chocobo wouldn’t live very long, Survoix was inspired by the determination and spirit of the hatchling.His determination paid off. Faiblesse grew into a sturdy, strong Chocobo after a season of special care, which formed a particularly strong bond between bird and man. It is, perhaps, ironic that the early days of raising Faiblesse is responsible for the iconic scratch mark on Survoix's face.

The Story So Far...

Chocobo Knight: Season 1

After returning from a trip to Ishgard proper, the Chocobo Knight returns home to the Rusmonte ranch to discover his grandfather, Survoix Senior, has not returned from a routine trip ranging the western Forelands. After hearing that the Gnath have been harassing hunters on their recent journeys, a concerned Survoix rushes off in search of him.

Chocobo Knight: Season 2

After the devastation wrought by his conflict with the Gnath, Survoix loses his thirst for revenge, and is driven to instead protect - and prevent any such violence from occuring again. On an otherwise normal expedition across the Forelands, the Chocobo Knight encounters a lost Gnath, and is presented with a difficult conflict between the pain of his loss, and the moral code he believes in.

Chocobo Knight: Heavensward

In this two part special, the Chocobo Knight journeys across Ishgard, as conflict rages in the capital city. When the Brume call for aid from the downtrodden, the Rusmonte family answers. Offering steeds and supplies to the Brume, they do their best to prepare them. When the battle erupts, Survoix comes to their aid with spear and sword.

Chocobo Knight: Season 3

A strange hooded visitor graces the quiet town of Tailfeather, and her presence has been met with suspicion and hospitality, but attracts the attention of Survoix. When the traveller reveals herself as a far flung Xaela tribeswoman, seeking tales of a lost people, the Chocobo Knight offers her his aide and guidance in her quest.

Coming Soon

Chocobo Knight: Season 4

Even fresh off the heels of their first adventure, the idle doldrum of Tailfeather begins to grate on Ayalal, and she yearns for more answers and the road once again. Feeling indebted to her, and more than a little curious, Survoix offers his aid. What awaits them on the open road, and will Ayalal find any more solace in the answers she seeks?Find out this Summer, in Season 4 of the Chocobo Knight!

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